Our Vision


One in five adults has a mental health condition. These are our loved ones, our neighbors, our colleagues and our friends.

But when care providers are exhausted and overworked, we can’t do our best work to help our clients recover and heal. In today’s behavioral health system, real barriers stand in our clients’ way—and many of these issues stem from the fact that workers aren’t being heard or supported.


Our Goals

Reasonable caseloads and staffing ratios that allow us to do our best work.

Meaningful development of our skills so we can provide better care.

Adequate wages and benefits that reflect our skill, dedication and the importance of our jobs.

Transparency and accountability to ensure behavioral health agencies are putting client health first.

We are coming together as a movement, lifting our voices and the voices of our clients to drive meaningful change.

Our Movement


“Part of why I feel passionately about this campaign is because the caseloads are unsustainable. It’s not fair to workers. It’s not fair to clients. Often clients have several different clinicians or therapists in a year. The people who are treated in these agencies deserve positive, longstanding relationships and stability in their care.”

—  Ana Diodati-DuBoulay, Social Worker


“Fresh out of grad school, I was thrown into a brand new setting, promised support and resources that were not provided, nor was needed training provided.”

— Community Behavioral Health Survey 2016