We’re United
We Heal. We’re
dedicated to building
a community mental
health system that
puts healing first.


One in five adults has a mental health condition. But for our clients, increases in funding haven’t resulted in better care.

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On the Job

Typical caseload: 100+ clients
Care provider turnover rate: 40%
Wait time for appointments: 4-6 weeks

It’s no wonder Oregon ranks 51st in the country for mental health outcomes—behind every other state and Washington DC.

The Crisis


We are therapists, case managers, peers, support staff and allies.

Together, we are advocating for the conditions needed to help our clients recover and heal:

•   Reasonable caseloads and staffing ratios
•   Meaningful development of our skills
•   Adequate wages and benefit

Our Vision


“At one point I was running eight to 10 groups per week with eight to 12 people per group. It’s just a grind. There wasn’t a lot of room to make change or to use the skills I’d learned to really help people. It’s not a system that seems very humane.”

— Karen Hixson, former drug and alcohol counselor


“(Clients) feel abandoned by staff who leave due to low pay and poor conditions.”

— Community Behavioral Health Survey, 2016


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